About Us

Welcome! My name is Alana Palm and I am the owner/operator of Palm Imaging Photography.

If you are looking for beautiful, affordable and professional photography in London or surrounding areas please read on for more information!

You and I both know that you have options when it comes to choosing a professional photographer. Since you’re here on my page, you probably already know why hiring the right person is important. Photos are an investment and I’ve heard over and over that there is much regret in not having more than a snapshot or two of family members, or a tangible reminder of a special time.

But why should you hire Palm Imaging Photography? Count down the top 10 reasons with me:

10. My business is Your Memories and I focus on beautifully capturing the important moments in your life – the milestones, your family as you want to remember them today (sadly, we do forget, don’t we?), yourself in a portrait that means something to you, or whatever it is that brought you here.

9. Before every shoot, I learn a little about YOU, my client. In this way, I can work with you in choosing a location that will suit you, and get a feel for how to best capture your personality, not just your image.

8. I have fun, creative ideas and my own personal style, but am always open to suggestions.

7. I have natural talent AND learned skill, both in photography and photo editing.

6. Photographs are frozen snippets of time and in good photography timing is (almost) everything. I know how to read “moments” and I value the importance of your chosen moment as I am photographing you.

5. Although this is a business for me, the results I present to you are more important to me than the exchange of money for product. I chose this second profession because of my genuine interest in individuals.

4. I have a quick turn around time. You will not be waiting 3+ weeks to anxiously receive your photos.

3. No matter how awkward you initially feel in front of the camera, I have a knack for drawing out your inner super model, and making the experience fun. In fact, that is what I hear most at the end of every session – “We had so much fun! Thank you!”

2. Don’t underestimate the value of the downloadable files or USB that are standard with all my packages. Sure, some studios have low sitting fees, but then you must buy your prints through them. You don’t get rights, which means you don’t get the files of YOUR photos. You are forced to pick a limited number of photos and poses so you can stay within your budget. With me, you receive many more photos than you would in a studio, the rights to print them as you like and share them electronically with whomever you wish.

1. Your photos will be excellent quality, beautifully composed and SATISFACTION is ALWAYS GUARANTEED.

Contact me today and allow me the pleasure of capturing your precious memories forever.

You can get in touch through the ‘Contact Us’ page, or call/text me at (519) 494-7367.

I’m looking forward to working with you! ~Alana Palm